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You will be surprised to know that juices from fresh fruit and vegetables have a great influence on your hair. Incorporating these juices in your diet can solve all your hair care needs. Juices provide the body with adequate nutrition and also boost hair growth. They lessen the chances of hair breakage, thus promoting hair growth. As the nutrition from […]

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Alcoholics often make excuses for their behavior. In fact, this is one of the signs of addiction. When you have to make excuses for your choices, then your choices are beginning to take over your life. I’m guilty of this behavior. I would often make excuses and try to pass the blame instead of facing the truth. The following list […]

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You have been telling yourself to go to the gym and work out but you still never really get around to it. You may have your reasons; perhaps you do not have the time because you are too busy or you are too shy to enter the gym, etc. Well, if you are hesitant to become a gym member, why […]

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Losing weight is hard, and losing weight when you work long hours can be even harder: meals are eaten quickly, sleep comes too late and the morning comes too early. Maybe you tried taking up a workout routine, but it just didn’t stick. Maybe you bought the right food but didn’t have time to prepare it. Maybe you never had […]

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Sometimes, even the simplest of all things may seem impossible. Apparently, several instances in life may make an individual discouraged. When this is the case, demotivation is common. One feels utterly bored and may be unable to perform even the simplest tasks.  Negativity is something all of us have dealt with at some point in life. However, it is what […]

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